What’s this book about?
It follows three stories: the business history of Nintendo over the years since it came to America, the gaming innovations of the Super Mario series of games, and the pop culture life of Mario as an icon.

Nintendo’s a big popular company. Why has no one written about them?
Nintendo has a policy regarding book authors than can best be described as “go away.”  This is in stark contrast to their policy for newspaper, magazine, and even Web site reporters and reviewers, which is “come on in.” This, in a nutshell, is why companies like Google and Apple have regular books about them, but not Nintendo, routinely picked as one of the world’s most beloved companies.

But there have been books about gaming, and about Nintendo. Check the Super Mario bibliography for a pretty decent list of them.

Any tips on how to jump the flagpole?
Nope, not that kind of book. there are plenty of strategy guides, both online and in dead-tree editions, to help you with that.

What’s your next book about?
Tentative title is Dig Dug: The Agony and the Ecstasy. Well, okay, no. But the next book most likely will not be about video games.

Where can I order it?
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and lots of fine local bookstores.

Have you beaten every single Mario game?
Not remotely: there are some I haven’t even played. He’s got over 200 titles, and if I made myself have to play each one to completion I think I’d still be playing. I am very well verses with his NES canon, and can performing high wire acts with Dr. Mario on the fastest and toughest level of viruses.