Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interviews and articles

Hey everyone,

I've been meaning to do this for a while: a list of clips I've my writing. Odds are I'm forgetting at least one or two interviews or articles. Shoot me a jeffryan1@gmail.com at email and I'll question your answers. Possibly vice versa.

12/31/12, Slate: 366 Days, 366 Books

12/10/12, Wired's GeekDad: Tell Your Kids Mashed-up Bedtime Stories

11/12/12, Kill Screen: A Conversation About Wii U With Jeff Ryan, the Man Who Wrote the Book on Nintendo

4/27/12, Independent: Nintendo: Still a Lot to Pay For?

4/11/12, Moon Books Entertainment: Jeff Ryan on the Paperback Release of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America

1/5/12, Kotaku: How I Managed to Write About Super Mario Every Day Last Year

8/28/11, IO9: How Does Nintendo Project the Image of Their Saintly Plumber? A Super Mario Historian Tells Us

8/20/11, Idiot Screen: Interview With Jeff Ryan

8/4/11, Fast Company: Wii Are Not Amused

8/2/11, Slate: Questions for Jeff Ryan

7/8/11, GeekTown: Douglas Coupland: A Tribute to Canada's Greatest Geek

12/20/00, Salon: PlayStation 2, Anyone?

And here are podcasts and video interviews:

11/8/12: Star Talk With Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Nerdist video)

8/12/12: Star Talk With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Part 2 (podcast)

7/29/12: Star Talk With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Part 1 (podcast)

12: Bubble Pipe Theater (podcast)

1/26/12: Marketplace

12/8/11: Forbes: Booked (video)

9/11/11: GamerLive TV (video)

8/19/11: PodClack (podcast)

11: Smart People Podcast (podcast) 

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