Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31: It's-a me!

I really didn't expect that my Halloween costume would become news. Not, like, front-page news, or even know-your-meme news. But still, people i don't know are forwarding my Halloween costume around.

This is it.


Jeff Ryan as Mario  - photo by Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Yes, that's the same Mario costume as the (spoiler alert) non-Mario actor wore in the Mario videos. The eight-bit mask I made myself. Ten minutes, one manila folder, some blue and red paper, and scissors. The hat was a single piece, and I could doff it to show Mario's bald dome. You can actually tell with the upturn of the nose that it's just a manila folder, but I actually prefer that profile to the garish Pinocchio-esque honker Miyamoto gave him originally.

There was a fake inflatable belly, but I didn't go there. And gloves, but I forgot to wear them. I would like credit, though, for getting some decent air.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/15: The London Philharmario

One hundred years ago, orchestras were for "classical" music, and anything that smacked of within-anyone's lifetime was considered gauche. Over the last century, thanks partly to wonderful film scores rightfully considered to be standalone pieces of art, that's changed.

But the new line in the sand is video game music. For one subsection of the population, that means beeps and boops. For another, than means Bear McCreary. Both subsections will be pleased to know that the London "Lord of the Rings" Philharmonic will be releasing an album of video game scores. Check the cover art: that is a cello. Being played by a solider. While the cello is exploding.

Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14: Super Mario wedding invites: "Do you, Mario..."

This blog post is sponsored by Larry T. Quach's Art Blog. Okay, no, it's not, but all I'm really doing today is writing up the (insert current cool word for "cool") Super Mairo wedding invitations he helped whip up for his friends Esther and Ryan.

Note: to really rub in it, post a world-quality image along with an Emmet Brown-y "please excuse the crudity of this model" apology to really make you wonder what Quach would consider a quality effort.

Head over to the site to see the majesty of their Mario-inspired table gifts. Feel free to look emptily in your hands and mutter "I'll never make anything as beautiful."

Thanks to Twitter follower @Declasm for the tip!