Thursday, June 30, 2011

6/30: Super Mario and Pauline break up? Is this the end of "Pario?"

Dorkly has a whole Web series of hilarious Mario cartoons, done in the sometimes-not-ever-8-bit style of the original games. There's ever more than the four I linked to, but I'm pretty winded from copying and pasting four different links. Oof, and I just had to click the italics button, plus I before that has to highlight some text. It's a tough life.

Dorkly's newest jam answers the question of where Pauline is. You remember Pauline? The lady Mario has to save in the original Donkey Kong? Who only shows up in the Mario vs DK Mini game series? What ever happened to her? Why isn't she riding a go-kart and joining Mario's tennis, golf, and board game parties? Click the link to see the falling out.

On a personal note, I think a Web series about Super Mario is a great idea. I only wish that it could be live action, though, and feature the real Mario, talking about his experience over the years. Perhaps with atrocious production values, and me, and people in silly costumes.

Yeah, that would be something, wouldn't it?

More news on this as it develops. Keep checking the skies! YouTube!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/29: The 8-bittiest wedding of all time

Back in January when I started the Daily Mario, it was just a Twitter feed. After a few months I leveled it up to a full-on blog, but once in a while I'll find another cool bit of ephemera and pass it along. In this way I am utterly unlike anyone else who's on Twitter. I am also a risk-taking leader because I wear clothing from the brand that said I'd be an risk-taking leader if I bought it.

So the other day I passed on a pic of a wedding dress made up on keys from an old keyboard. And not two days later, that bit of ubernerdery has been diminished down to a mere angstrom of cool by this: Kellbot and RevolvingDork's Pixelated Wedding. Heard about it from Escapist, btw.

I hope your eyes haven't eaten for a while, because they're in for a feast. One word: cakes. One more: centerpiece. The only bad part about this: take a look at them.
They're hot. Hot geeks in love. The unspoken rule that your love of Voltron/Twilight and your attractiveness to the opposite sex is dragged and dropped into the trash. Hope they stay this happy forever, since judging by the other people I know, it's rare to find someone else who's just precisely the same amount of dork you are.

PS: This is where I withhold from bragging that I am one of those lucky few. I met my wife at a Buffy the Vampire Slayer viewing party.