Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12: Mario and Zelda grab some VGA hardware

Oh, man, did I just use the word "hardware" to mean an award I have already become what I despise, what I and everyone else on this earth hates: Joe Buck. It's's just that there's no other easy synonym...

Moving on. The Video Game Awards handed out trophies to Super Mario 3D Land for best handheld game, beating raise-your-hand-if-you-can-name-another-DS-game for best game of 2011. The new Zelda game Skyward Sword won a pair of INSERT NICKNAME OF VGA AWARDS SO PEOPLE THINK I WATCHED THIS AWARD SHOWs, one for Best Wii game and another for Best Motion Game, which merges Wii and Kinect games. And, sigh, PlayStation Move titles, which is like saying the best animated picture award also applies to claymation.

Also included in the Spike telecast -- sheesh, Spike? No wonder I didn't watch this thing: its broadcast way up in the hinterlands of the cable box -- was a tribute to The Legend of Zelda by Seth Green, who either is a big fat nerd or is the world's greatest actor, living out an interactive years-long bit of improv where he pretend to really really care about Thundercats and all that.