Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11/29: Mario figuratively but not literally crashes an auto show

My cup runneth over with Mariolatry.

Here's the story of the day: a giant Nintendo promotional stunt, building lifesize replicas of the Mario Kart karts and showing them off at the LA Auto Show. Except take a look at the timestamp: it's from over a week ago. I'm so swamped in Mario news that I'm still wading through week-old product, and finding fresh nuggets to parse out.

During this year-long experiment to see if I can find a new Mario story every day, I've had times of fat and times of lean. This is Yasiin (I was going to say Mos Def, but he changed his name) a time of fat. The fall is when all the new video games drop: and this season has THREE Mario games. They've been generating buzz all year long, "buzz" being news stories I have passed along as if Nintendo paid me, which they do not.

But buzz, like soda bubbles, like fruit pies, like so many of the great things in life but not Twinkies, are only good for so long. Some stories are evergreen: anything involving sneezes or pandas, because awww. Most aren't, and there's no Tupperware burp thorough enough to save these stories. They are like the mighty Aurouch, slaughtered for its abundant meat, and then most of it goes bad because there weren't refrigerators back them, and within a few weeks it's maggotopia.

Not wanting to end this story on the word "maggotopia, I'll add one more thought: just as there are to many stories some day to be reported, so too there are too few stories. I can only pity SportsCenter in the summer: they've got baseball but no hockey, no football, no basketball. Assuming a December SC has stories that rate at least a 6 or 7 on the worthiness scale, that July SC's median worthiness rating most be down below 5. You could watch a whole hour-long episode and see nothing but stuff that would be cut for time if anything actually newsworthy happened that day. Weird.