Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14: Super Mario wedding invites: "Do you, Mario..."

This blog post is sponsored by Larry T. Quach's Art Blog. Okay, no, it's not, but all I'm really doing today is writing up the (insert current cool word for "cool") Super Mairo wedding invitations he helped whip up for his friends Esther and Ryan.

Note: to really rub in it, post a world-quality image along with an Emmet Brown-y "please excuse the crudity of this model" apology to really make you wonder what Quach would consider a quality effort.

Head over to the site to see the majesty of their Mario-inspired table gifts. Feel free to look emptily in your hands and mutter "I'll never make anything as beautiful."

Thanks to Twitter follower @Declasm for the tip!