Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/13: Super Mario trashes President Obama

This anti-Obama ad certainly thinks so!

Being a big fan of the late William Safire, I will march forward and analyze the process of the video, while removing the content like so much egg yolk.He did that all the time in his language columns, talking about how politicians talk without ever referring to what precisely they were saying. A noble endeavor.

So, the video (which is from the group For America...which Safire would have a field day about, since the more polarizing a group the blander their name is. And wow, "For America" is about the safest two words imaginable in politics...) depicts President Obama as Super MariObama. He swims to a pair of boxes marked "tackle Debt" and "Fund Raiser," and hits only the latter. After being zapped by a Squid labeled Deficit Spending, he hits "The Can" with a golf club, then visits LuigiJoe. They decide to 

Technically, they do just about everything right. It's short! It's funny! It remembers Mario's white shirt when he was Fireball Mario! It zooms in to make things less static! The fonts! The sounds and backgrounds are right! As I found with the fine Portfolio/Penguin people, designers love Mario and will go out of their way to add little touches, like bitmapping a logo, to make it feel particular to your book. Whoever designed this ad wasn't a GOP strategist so much as a devoted IGN reader.

But as an analogy...I can understand what it means to hit the "fund raiser" box: hold/attend a fund raiser. But what would happen if one were to hit the"Tackle Debt" box? Isn't there a traveling room full of podia and suited men all promising to hit that exact box? And no one can say what's in there, what magical fix that will make us all of the sudden stop spending more than we bring in?

It's really flawed to say that a solution to a huge problem shouldn't even be attempted, just because there's no easy one-step solution. "Oh, yeah, that 8-trillion-dollar antique in the attic. Let's just put that on eBay." But I think it's also flawed to suggest that such a solution exists, but isn't being addressed because...why? Because Obama would rather spend more money? 

Wow, being Bill Safire is harder than it looks. Very hard to write about just part of something. But it's giving me an idea...I may return to this subject!