Friday, July 8, 2011

7/8: Super Mario Puppet Show Extravaganza

Today is apparently National Video Game Day, so to celebrate it I'll (surprise) write about video games.

There are lots of ways to do puppets: standard glove-in-hand, full-body costumes, the Swedish-Chef thing where you mix actual body parts with puppeteered bits, Mummenshantzian black-costumes Ugnaughts floating things around against a black curtain. This two-minute clip of crazy game show Super Mario puppetry (no bonus points for guessing it's from Japan) features them all, plus a Barack Obama impersonator, a strangely sexy Bowser chasing Mario through Times Square, I'm sure some Japanese in-jokes I don't get, plus enough inspired wackiness to make Jim Henson applaud from his final resting place.