Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/29: The 8-bittiest wedding of all time

Back in January when I started the Daily Mario, it was just a Twitter feed. After a few months I leveled it up to a full-on blog, but once in a while I'll find another cool bit of ephemera and pass it along. In this way I am utterly unlike anyone else who's on Twitter. I am also a risk-taking leader because I wear clothing from the brand that said I'd be an risk-taking leader if I bought it.

So the other day I passed on a pic of a wedding dress made up on keys from an old keyboard. And not two days later, that bit of ubernerdery has been diminished down to a mere angstrom of cool by this: Kellbot and RevolvingDork's Pixelated Wedding. Heard about it from Escapist, btw.

I hope your eyes haven't eaten for a while, because they're in for a feast. One word: cakes. One more: centerpiece. The only bad part about this: take a look at them.
They're hot. Hot geeks in love. The unspoken rule that your love of Voltron/Twilight and your attractiveness to the opposite sex is dragged and dropped into the trash. Hope they stay this happy forever, since judging by the other people I know, it's rare to find someone else who's just precisely the same amount of dork you are.

PS: This is where I withhold from bragging that I am one of those lucky few. I met my wife at a Buffy the Vampire Slayer viewing party.