Monday, June 27, 2011

6/27: Behold...the world's worst/best Super Mario Bros. player

Hands up if you remember the Mad Magazine game. The goal was to lose. You were trying to get rid of all your money, like Brewster's Millions. A great joke of the game design was that the game design was NO DIFFERENT than any other board game. You could do this with Life, or Sorry. Heck, I do it when I play board games with my kids, tanking my performance in whatever small way I can to better ensure a Candyland victory for them. The point is if you can get your head around it, what you pull out of game can be loads of fun and totally divorced from what the game designers and society at large says the goal is.

Which brings me to this dubious achievement: worst Super Mario Bros. score. This guy didn't just kamikaze himself at the nearest Goombah three times in a row. No, he BEAT THE GAME and still won only 700 points. You can't pause the game for a bathroom break without accidentally racking up a thousand, so this is mighty hard to do.

Anyone who watches the footage can tell this was done on an emulator, so this won't go in official record books, which for 350 years (give or take 340 years) have upheld the sterling tradition of video game high scores. But it's something you can try to do at home. Next time you fail at the very first task of a level, shoot the moon and try for the very worst score you can get while winning.