Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14: Angry Birds plus Mario equals: Angry Mario!

It had to happen. Just as every YA book is inevitably compared to Twilight, and every kids book before that was compared to Harry Potter, every new casual game with any hint of side-scrolling gets compared to Super Mario Bros.

The latest to receive the Mario monkier is Rovio's Angry Birds. It's a delightful game, and weird in its own way, but not in Mario's way. And it's a strategy game, an anti-tower defense game. No one moves saves for being slingshotted at a bunch of scapegoated pigs. Yeah, you heard me, the pigs are innocetn! They dind't do anythgin wrong! These birds are just suicide bombers with gizzards.

Anyway, someone has decided to merge the two together, and thus: Angry Mario. The gameplay is nowhere near as tight as in Birds, and of course it already was nothing like the Mario gameplay, so the only thing to do is enjoy attacking a Goombah by fatally basting yourself out of a cannon.