Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20: Somebody's getting Super Mario married!

As Dave Barry would write -- heck, if he's up on current events he may be writing about it right now -- I am not making this up.

Meet Elijah Slagter and Bobbi VanZante. I don't know if they've heard about the other Super Mario wedding proposals, but they're one-upping (1-up, get it?) everyone else with a Super Mario-themed wedding.

And before you think "Cool, a Super Mario groom cake," read the link -- I implore you -- because it will reinforce the not-making-this-upness of events. She will be dressed as Princess Peach. He will be dressed as Mario. Father of the bride? Dressed as Bowser. Everyone else in attendance? Encouraged to dress up as any other Super Mario character than Mario or Peach.

And to think, they called me crazy for sinking all my book profits into a Waluigi-styled Central Iowa tux rental business! This'll make me rich! Rich! The wedding, by the way, is Saturday, August 6 -- two days after the Super Mario book hits stories. You know, it does make a perfect wedding gift...