Friday, April 15, 2011

4/15: London Marathon is getting brotherly love

I know a lot more about Mario marathons than actual marathons. And, in fact, Googling "Mario Marathon" sadly brought up Mario Lopez. I say sad not just because I'm reminded of how many hours I've lost to Saved by the Bell (possibly more than the Final Fantasy franchise, and I'm including Final Fantasy Legends in there) but because that phrase should be bringing up this and especially this.

So now, possibly for the first time - okay, I sincerely hope for the first time -- Mario (and Luigi!) will be in an honest-to-goodness 26.2-mile race. The London Marathon is this Sunday, and brothers Will and Max Mackintosh will be running dressed as the Super Mario Bros. Hopefully they won't go fully authentic, because overalls have got to chafe.

They're doing it all for charity -- CLIC Sargent Nurses, in particular, which rises funds for children with cancer. They're aiming for 7500 pounds, which is a lot of gold coins, so hopefully they hold down the B button for some extra speed. Learn more, and/or donate here.